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Coinnímis ag ceol le chéile 2 – Caoimhín Mac Giolla Catháin

by eoin

This is the second program of our new series, ‘Let’s keep playing together’. Meon Eile met six Irish musicians and singers at Áras Mhic Reachtain in Belfast and we spoke to them about their lives as a musician and the ways in which the intense lockout affected them.

During this crisis, people have little opportunity to play together or listen to live music so Áras Mhic Reachtain and Meon Eile decided to give the audience a taste until we can do it again.

Today Caoimhín Mac Giolla Catháin talks about his great interest in music. He talked about his life growing up and the music around him and the different styles of music he and his band Bréag practice. In the video above you can hear Kevin singing and playing the guitar.

To find out more about Kevin and Lie, go here.

In the video below, Daithí Mac Uait, events manager for Áras Mhic Reachtain, introduces the series. It was he who invited the musicians to perform and, with the help of the Arts Council, they also had the opportunity to raise extra money during the pandemic.

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